It’s  a tough job. It’s dangerous. But someone’s got to do it.

Or maybe that’s why we do it.

There’s a bit of James Bond in everyone, isn’t there?  😉


1Mr. Get It Done Nationality: Indian. Location: South-East AsiaMr. Get It Done is a Chartered Accountant and MBA and specialises in tracking fund-flows, especially ill-gotten wealth, across countries.After having spent his career in banking and consulting, he now focuses on building international partnerships to restore India’s lost glory, and to help the nation achieve its fullest potential.
2Mr. Investigative Reporter Nationality: American. Location: USAMr. Investigative Reporter is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting.His book on the topic of ‘black market for looted antiquities’ was a Los Angeles Times bestseller and won multiple awards.He has also written on topics such as arms trafficking, forensic DNA, disaster fraud, money laundering, and public education.
3Mr. All in One Nationality: Indian. Location: South-East AsiaMr. All in One is a traveller, art-blogger, art-enthusiast, columnist and art-detective.He aims to create an online archive / searchable database of Indian Art – to help scholars and novices see, study and appreciate Indian Art. To leverage the web and promote a platform for a meaningful dialogue on Indian Art.
4Mr. Art Historian Nationality: Indian. Location: IndiaMr. Art Historian has a doctorate in Archaeology and has authored many books on temples, antiquities and Indian history.As an acclaimed historian, he advices and guides organizations and teams focusing on understanding and preserving Indian culture.

Why are our identities hidden?

As we said, we are dealing with very sophisticated criminals who tend to use every trick in the book to ensure they can plunder India with impunity.

They first tried to buy our silence; then spread rumours; and when nothing worked, tried to threaten us.

The way we look at it – We would rather spend our energies attacking the criminals, rather than defending ourselves.