What is a nation’s pride?

Is it the food we eat and the clothes we wear?

Or is it pride in where we come from and where we are headed?

In simple terms India Pride Project’s mission is to:



How will achieve this mission?

We will achieve this mission through:

  • Leveraging a robust and motivated stakeholder-group, consisting of:
    • Local and International art-experts and historians,
    • Legal experts,
    • Diplomacy experts,
    • Media houses and
    • Public participation
  • Strong Governmental participation and support


What happens if we achieve our mission?

Short-term Goals

  1. Bring back US $50 million of looted artifacts to India in 2 years.
  2. Create precedence through successful prosecution of criminal art-dealers.
  3. CELEBRATE!!! Create public events for sthapnas and special darshans.

Long term Goals

  1. Restitute 5,000 Items in 10 years.
  2. Create a national institution for identifying, restituting and conserving Indian artifacts.
  3. Build a searchable national archive of sculpture and art. Seek industry participation and regional centers to curate and enrich content.